Indigo Reimagined

Even Mother’s Wrapper Couldn’t Cover
Peju Layiwola, Even Mother’s Wrapper Couldn’t Cover, copper, polyester, resin, acrylic paint, Triptych, 170cm by 249cm, 2019.

Indigo Reimagined, 13 June -30 July 2019, Main Auditorium Gallery, University of Lagos, Nigeria.
5 October -13th October, 2019, Thought Pyramid Gallery, Ikoyi

Indigo Reimagined, a solo exhibition by Peju Layiwola, revisits the indigenous clothing tradition of dyed fabrics in South western Nigeria. It highlights the multidimensionality of this artistic practice while simultaneously providing us with a window into other indigenous crafts like pottery and metal work associated with dyeing. These installations are not limited to the dyed textile as a site of adornment and signification. Instead, they redirects our gaze at the very process of art as art in their own right; in a sense, the process and labour of making art is itself conceived of as art. This conceptual, yet tactical engagement with cloth, compels the viewer to look at the often neglected, but important aspects involved in the process of this long-standing tradition of indigo dyeing. The show stands as a reflection of modern urban culture in the introduction of new themes, techniques, and materials. It ultimately challenges the viewer to see cloth in multiple sociocultural and political dimensions.

Exhibition catalogue includes essays from Jean Borgatti, Janine Sytsma, Partricia Oyelola, Emmanuelle Spiesse, Ayo Adeduntan and Patrick Oloko.

A panel to discuss this exhibition is scheduled to hold at the next Lagos Studies Association conference, June 27-29, 2019.

For details:, Instagram: layiwolapeju.

Oje Market day, Cloth (Patchwork) Variable size, Work in progress, 2018-2019©Peju Layiwola
Stamping History, Foam blocks Installation, 2018-2019,©Peju Layiwola