Conferences and Workshops

  1. Sensitive Heritage: Ethnographic Museums and Material and Immaterial Restitutions, Grassi Museum fur Volkerkunde zu Liepzig, 12 /13 December, 2018
  2. Art X; Statues Also Die, Considering Institutionalizing Collections, November 4, 2018, Civic Centre, Lagos.
  3. Publishing Workshop (PROSPA) publishing and Research in of the South: Positioning Africa, Mellon Funded.  19-25, November, 2018, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.
  4. Agenda Setting Workshop, African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) ARUA Centre for Excellence for Unemployment and Skill Development, 6-7 September, 2018, University of Lagos.
  5. Condition Report 3, Raw Symposium on Art History in Africa, Raw Material Company, Dakar Senegal 20-22 September, 2018.
  6. Contemporary African Artistic Practise: Political Forms and Practise, Symposium Musee d’Aquitaine, Bordeaux, 17-18 May, 2018.
  7. Declaration of the exhibition open, Oreze VI, Imeobi-Obi of Onitsha’s palace, Onitsha, Anambra State, 30 September, 2018.
  8. Expropriate Art and the Never Ending ‘ongoing’ Discussion about Returns, Lecture for Life in My city festival (LIMCAF), Enugu, 2016.
  9. My Art Trajectory: Influences and New Directions’  The Friday Forum, Millsaps College, Jackson, Mississippi, USA, 8 September, 2017.
  10. Visiting Scholar Lecture Series, Fine Art Center, Department of Art History, University of Arkansas, 18 September, 2017
  11. The Arts Council of the African Studies Association (ACASA), 17th Triennial Symposium, University of Ghana, Legon.  August 8-13, 2017.
  12. Chair, Jury Life in My City Art Festival, Enugu. 2016
  13. Looted Art and Restitution in the Twentieth century: Europe in Transnational and Global   Perspectives, Newham College, Cambridge University, Cambridge UK.18-20 September, 2014.
  14.  Artefakte Activation Session, Ecole du Patrimoine Africain in Porto Novo, Republic of Benin, 6-7 October, 2014.
  15. 101st USA College Arts Association Conference, New York, 10-20 February, 2013.
  16. Organizer, Annual UNILAG/OYASAF Art Entrepreneurship Workshop 2011 and 2012, Department of Creative Arts, University of Lagos sponsored by the Omooba Yemisi Adedoyin Shyllon Art Foundation.
  17. Disturbing Pasts: Memories, Controversies and Creativity Project Conference, Museum of Ethnology, Vienna, 20-22 November 2012.
  18. South African Visual Art Historians Conference (SAVAH), University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa,11-20 January, 2011.
  19. African Lace Exhibition and Summer Workshop on Indigenous Textile Art Techniques, Museum fur Volkerkunde, Vienna, Austria 22 October, 2010.
  20. International Conference on Africans and the Catholic Church Conference paper delivered Christian Images, African Idiom: An overview of Artistic Expressions of Worship in the Catholic Church of Nigeria, Global African Arts Program, Seattle University, USA, January 31-February 2, 2008.
  21. Women’s Art, Women’s Vision paper delivered Expanding the Frontiers of Women’s Art: The Women and Youths Art Initiative, Nigerian Society for Information, Arts and Culture, Jericho, Ibadan, 26th March 2008.
  22. Edo Art and the Reconstruction of Memory presented at the Fullerton Hall, The Art Institute of Chicago, USA.,18th of September 2008.
  23. Contemporary Benin Brasscasting: A Study in Continuity and Change, Chazen Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin-Madison, September 23, 2008.
  24. Women’s Representation, Women’s Expressions in Benin Art, September 24, 2008, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  25. Culture and Identity in the Mega City; Lagos as an Example, paper delivered titled ‘Cultural Life and Cultural Scene in the Mega City’ A Workshop and Symposium June 28 – June 30, 2007.  Goethe Institute, Lagos.
  26. Royal Commemorative Fabrics of Benin, International Conference on Benin Kings and Rituals; Court Art from Nigeria, May 9-16, 2007, Museum fur Volkerkunde, Vienna, Austria.
  27. Children’s Crafts Workshop on Paper Crafts, Museum fur Volkerkunde, Vienna, Austria 16-17 May 2007.
  28. Coordinator, Talent Hunt workshop on vocational training in collaboration with the National Museum Lagos, December 10-17, 2006, Lagos.
  29. Facilitator, Goldsmithing session, 8th Harmattan Workshop of the Bruce Onobrakpeya Foundation, Agbarha-Otor, Delta State, Nigeria, March 2006.
  30. Discussant, ‘Art and Crafts for National Rebirth’ Lagos State Council for Arts and  Culture, Lagos State Council for Arts and Culture, 23 May 2006.
  31. Guest Speaker, ‘When Does an Artist Become a Master’, Lecture in Honour of Yusuff Grillo, organized by Ara Studio, National Gallery of Arts, Lagos 30 ,May 2006.
  32. The 17th Archaeological Association of Nigeria Conference held in the University  of Ibadan, on the 6-8th March, 2005.
  33. 30th Anniversary Conference on the theme Contemporary Nigerian Art, Department of Fine Arts, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife 1-4, June 5, 2005.
  34. Coordinator, Talent Hunt workshop on vocational training in collaboration with the National Museum Lagos, Mbari Mbayo School, Lagos, August 12th -26, 2005.
  35. Sustaining the Development of Theatre Practice in Nigeria, SONTA 2004, University of Lagos, July 1-3, 2004, paper delivered; ‘Depicting Illusion as Reality; The Role of the Visual Designer in the Development of Theatre Practice in Nigeria.
  36. Yari Yari Pamberi Conference; Black Women Writers Dissecting Globalization,
    International Conference on Literature by Women of African Ancestry, Institute of African American Affairs, New York University, October 12-16, 2004.
  37. Convener of the conference and workshop titled Revisiting History Through the Arts and Creative Workshop, Department of Creative Arts, University of Lagos. November 1-8, 2004.
  38. 7th Harmattan workshop, Agbarha-otor, Delta State, February 2004.
  39. History seminars of the University of Zurich, Switzerland, 11th May, 2004.
  40. Presentation of the paper Benin Art, Memory and Reconstruction, on the Broken Memory Project, Ecole des hautes en sciences socials in collaboration with GTMS, Paris 13th May 2004.
  41. Facilitator, Bronze Casting and Jewelry at the 4th Harmattan Workshop of the Bruce Onobrakpeya Foundation, Agbarha-Otor, Delta State, Nigeria, February 24-March 9, 2002.
  42. ‘Transmission of Knowledge; Terracotta and Metals in West Africa and Cameroons’ An International conference by the Institute of French Research in Africa, 9 – 12 September 2002.
  43. ‘Harmattan in Lagos’ A workshop/Lecture series at the Centre Culturel Francais De Lagos, 14 September 2002. Paper delivered titled ‘Between the Forge and the Foundry.
  44. ’Nigerian Traditional Craft for Self Reliance’ the 16th Archaeological Association of Nigeria Conference held on the 9-11 December 2002, National Commission for Museums and Monuments, Jos.
  45. ‘The Transmission of Artistic Knowledge in Contemporary Nigeria (1960-2001)’ A
    Workshop organized by the institute for French Research Institute in Africa (IFRA) 7 May
  46. The Universite Nationale du Benin Colloque Internationale titled ‘Borguo 98’ Parakou and Nikki, Republic of Benin. April 6-9, 1999.
  47. The Experimental Bronze Age Casting Project’ Organized by the Sculpture Society of Ireland, Umha Aois, Navan Centre, Armagh, Northern Ireland, 26 July-4 August, 1996.
  48. Trends and Themes in Environment and its Implication on Art and The Art Teacher, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Lagos 31 March 1993, Paper delivered titled ‘Extracting Beauty From Waste’.